It’s a physics term, used to describe the weird happenings in the skuzzy interplay between multiverse-possible quantum mechanics and the boring rules of classical physics. (for those of you who didn’t pay attention in high school: “Energy can neither be less filling nor taste great”, “Every reaction has an equal and opposite good deed that goes unpunished”, “If the van is a rockin’, don’t come”, etc.)

Basically, the universe at the level of electrons and what have you behaves utterly unlike anything that we expect at the level where we can see and touch actual things. Which gives it almost magical powers, in a way. If you could build a computer at the quantum level, instead of being a series of bits that are either 0 or 1, they could be 0 and 1 at the same time. (I know, right?) Today’s computers might as well be plastic spoons compared to the potential computing power of a quantum computer.

But here’s the rub: if there is any interaction between particles in a quantum state, they decohere into our vanilla, Monday-always-becomes-Tuesday regular universe. So our computer could do everything, so long as you never ask it to do anything.

Which is why this website is called decoherently.com. You will never actually get to experience the flawless wit, funny cartoons, profound insights and mind-blowingly sleek interface of this site because it decohered on it’s way from my brain into the actual HTML code running in front of your face now. It got  a little weird on the way out. And maybe silly. Which I think our universe could use a bit more of anyway. (Also, decoherence.com and decoherent.com were taken.)

So I'm embracing decoherence and all the half-baked weirdness it leaves in its wake. Thus the unrelated stuff like:
PCAIC, or Poorly Conceived and Illustrated Comix; because even though I can’t draw I still think in “comics form” sometimes
FHII, or Future Hipster Inevitability Index; since we don’t seem to be mocking hipsters enough these days
YMTSC, or You Mean To Say Cards; for when you are joking (except you’re not)
WAWLFTM, or Why Are We Late For The Meeting; because idly checking out stuff from the interwebz is inherently a better use of our time
CFTROU, or Cancer For The Rest Of Us; because when I was undergoing cancer treatment it seemed like everything out there told me I wasn’t doing it right

Also, I built this site using Joomla 1.6, an open source CMS platform. I am not a programmer, so it took a long time to make it look this crappy, and I highly doubt it will improve. And it might not always work right either. That’s decoherence for you.
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